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You know anything about Loco translate?

Leif M asked 2 years ago

Yoo Darrel the WP Guru Guy! 
You got any experience with loco translate cause im sitting here with a big headache, i'v used a half a day now translating the WPforo forum, cause there was standing members and not on my language, so i went in and finished it from 35 % done to 99.9 1 sting not done didnt want to use the time to scroll forth and back to find it, but my problem is still there doesnt help much with the english language on a danish site… so i was wondering if you maybe knew why the heck it didnt get fixed when i spend a half a day translating? This is my WP Guy not guru site.. tought best way to get into wordpress was to record what i do, and then other people properly get problems and then i get more experiance out of it smart right? My forum

Leif M replied 2 years ago

NVM, Man some one should say when they start explaining about the structure and if you make a forum or what so ever if theres an menu its under wordpress dashboards menu., Haha now i have translated that god damn thing for nothing i dont really care about the back end of my site is in english Jesus.. well that was like a whole evening and a half a day waisted..

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darrel wilson Staff answered 2 years ago

lol, ive never really messed with translation plugins, i have always seen people use polyllang for this so to be quite honest im not to sure what would be the best one