4 Essential Steps When Creating an eCommerce WordPress Website

  • By Darrel Wilson‚óŹ
  • Last Updated: November 2, 2019

4 Things to Remember when creating your eCommerce WordPress Website

Starting something can be tough. Starting a WordPress Website can sound scary, but it’s actually really simple. It’s the fear of going into the unknown that really scares you. But once you get pass that, you will come to see making your own ecommerce WordPress website can be simple. In fact, its sort of fun. I loved creating my website. Lets focus on ecommerce. WordPress makes selling your products online very easy and anyone can do it in today’s technology. More and more I see older people getting engaged with my WordPress tutorials and asking questions. People ask me “Darrel Wilson, when can I start seeing some engagement on my website?” Well, that’s a very hard question to ask because the online competition works differently for every industry. For example, if I tried to rank your website for “sweater knitting company in Ohio” this would be much easier to rank than trying to rank it for “Best Insurance Company in Los Angeles.” From this example, you can see how competition would be different right? What about Darrel Wilson? This would be easier to rank too. Now let’s go over some essential steps you must have when creating your ecommerce WordPress website or business website.

Heres An Example of a eCommerce WordPress Website Tutorial


Be Patient with your website

It’s funny, when I create ecommerce WordPress websites for some people, they expect to just sit back and let the money roll in. This isn’t how the online world works. Your website will have to grow on google and spend time and practice good SEO which is the tool to getting your WordPress website indexed and ranked on google. This doesn’t mean that people don’t like your website, the problem is people can’t find your website. Sure, you can spend thousand on google adwords but once you deplete your budget, your ads die along with your website. The SEO process can take up to 3-6 months to get your website ranked and found by people surfing the internet. Ecommerce websites are becoming easier and easier to make with so many tools and options available to you. Just remember what darrel wilson is telling you, be patient. No company has the power to just automatically go to the first page without practicing good SEO for their website.

Be Consistent with your eCommerce WordPress website

Its so easy to give up on your WordPress website. Especially when you get no visitors after all that hard work. Trust me, I’ve been there. I thought it was dumb how people with bad websites rank high on google and my beautiful site is on page 1000. When creating your website, you need to remember that the SEO process takes time. Don’t give up. When I was making my YouTube videos, I created about five-two hour videos on how to create a free ecommerce WordPress website. My YouTube profile “Darrel Wilson” got little to no views on my channel. I was upset because many of the WordPress tutorials on the front page were over 3 years old with outdated content. I quickly realized YouTube doesn’t care. It seemed it was hopeless and I was ready to quit YouTube. I gave it more shot. After spending about 2-3 months with failure, I finally made the front page. I don’t know how it happened. But it happened. I saw my views go up rapidly and my engagement sky rocket. If I didn’t make that WordPress tutorial, I wouldn’t be writing this article now. This video on “How to create an amazing and free ecommerce WordPress website” hit the charts! It’s important to be consistent with your WordPress website and trust me, I know the struggle.

Be Open To Criticism for Your WordPress website

When I first started, I didn’t want people to tell me my website didn’t look good. It hurts. Your website is a symbol of you. It hurts like when an English teacher gives you a bad grade on an essay that you wrote from the heart. I saw many ecommerce websites and I thought to myself “Darrel. I can do better than that.” We need to humble and open to different designs. I redesigned my WordPress website about 4 times. Every time I create my website I thought that it was getting better slowly. The really truth is, we are always learning. Don’t take it personal when someone says they don’t like the way your website looks, just acknowledge it and maybe be open to change some things here and there. I have never created a WordPress website that didn’t need editing later. I had to make changes on ALL of them. Your theme is also very important. Don’t stick to the same theme forever. I used many different WordPress themes but now I fell in love with the Divi Theme. People ask me all the time “Darrel Wilson, what theme should I use for WordPress?” My answer is always be the same, The Divi Theme. Just be open to change. Don’t take criticism personally. And never give up.

You are Starting A Business

First thing I want to say, is INVEST MONEY. Stop trying to cut corners and get everything free online. Stop being afraid and hesitant to buy digital products. How much money do you waste eating out? That same money could go to something like buying a great theme or getting amazing hosting. Treat this as a real business that you are working on in your neighborhood. You wouldn’t try to get everything free if you were opening a bar would you? Creating your own ecommerce WordPress website can be simple. The point I want to make is, don’t get relaxed and keep taking this serious. Find out what else you can do to improve. Find out what other products you can have for your ecommerce website. Remember your starting a business. Don’t try to to get everything free for your website. Take my advice.Read this blog, understand it, and apply it. You’ll make it far.

–Darrel Wilson


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This is Darrel Wilsons Article on how to create a WordPress website.

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