Top Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Site

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 22, 2019

Getting traffic to your website is at the top of every website owner’s list, but once visitors land on your site, it’s just as important to keep them there and encourage them to engage with your content.

Once visitors engage with your website, you will see an increase in your conversion rates as well as a decrease in bounce rate. In essence, more engagement means more sales and less people abandoning your site.

Top Eight Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Site

In this post, I’m sharing my best tips on increasing user engagement on your site.

1. Enable Comments

The first tip to increase engagement on your site is to enable the comments. By default, comments will already be enabled on your WordPress site but it’s not uncommon for readers to read the article and move on without leaving a comment. A great way to change this is to invite them to share their thoughts in the comment section below or ask a question and tell them to leave an answer in the comments.

Once you start encouraging comments and your readers start a conversation, make sure to reply to their comments. You can set a reminder a few times each week to go through the blog posts you’ve published and review the comments, delete spam, and add your replies.

2. Include Call to Actions

If you want your readers to do something on your site, then the best way to make sure they do it is to ask them. The easiest way to achieve this is to include a call to action on each of your website pages. A call to action will not only tell them what to do but it will also help you lead them to where you want them to go.

In addition to having a call to action on each page, each of your blog posts should include call to action as well. This can be to leave a comment like in the example above, to share your posts on social media or to pin it for later.

3. Install a Sharing Plugin

Speaking of call to actions, by far the easiest way to get readers to take action and engage with your site is to install a sharing plugin. This allows your visitors to share your posts with their friends, family, and followers which means more traffic to your site.

There is no shortage of sharing plugins for WordPress. Free options include Sumo, and WP Social Sharing while paid options include Monarch and Social Warfare. Keep in mind that paid plugins come with more social network options, more customization options, and the ability to control where to display the social sharing icons.

4. Use Internal Links and Related Posts

A great way to get the readers to spend more time on your website is to use internal links in your blog posts. You can link to related content that helps them learn more or posts you’ve written on the same topic.

Another way to do this is to show related posts below each individual blog post. There are a number of plugins that help you add related posts such as Jetpack. Jetpack is a good choice if you’re already using for other functionality such as website statistics. All it takes is enabling an additional module.

If you’re not a fan of Jetpack, you can use Related Posts for WordPress plugin. Once you activate, simply set the number of posts that should show below the blog post and the plugin will do the rest.

5. Add Category List to Your Sidebar

Aside from showing related posts and interlinking your articles, you can increase visitor and reader engagement on your site by adding a list of your categories to your blog’s sidebar. This makes it easy for your readers to see all the topics you cover on the blog as well as to explore them.

Alternatively, consider using the Recent Posts widget to show the most recent posts published. You can also use a plugin like WordPress Popular Posts to showcase the posts that receive the most visits and views.

6. Use Analytics to Your Advantage

Keeping track of your site statistics is a great way to understand where your audience is coming from as well as where they spend most of their time. The analytics can tell you which posts and pages are the most popular on your site as well as where your audience is exiting your site. You can use this information to improve the SEO and the engagement rate on your site in a couple of ways.

  1. Create more of content your audience is interested in – by knowing which posts are popular, you will understand which topics your audience wants to learn more about. You can then create more posts on the same topic; either as a series or as related posts that look at the topic from a new angle.
  2. Improve pages and posts where users are abandoning your site – knowing where your readers are abandoning the site allows you to start implementing small changes to the site which can keep them there for a longer period of time. Take a look at those pages and try to determine what could be the reason for abandonment. Consider a few simple questions such as are those pages missing a call to action? Are they leading to dead links? Is the content still relevant to your business or brand?

7. Add Forums

Consider adding forums to your site to initiate conversation and foster a sense of community. By installing bbPress, you can easily add the forum functionality to your WordPress site and encourage visitors to register.

Depending on your website and your business, there are several ways to use the forum functionality.

  1. Use the forums as a support center – you can use the forums as a means of providing support to your readers. This works well if you’re a theme or plugin developer or if you sell physical products and need a way to communicate with your buyers.
  2. Create a community – if you want to build a community with your readers, then just by adding another place where they can discuss topics and ideas with others is a great way to boost the engagement. This works well if you run a news or a magazine blog and want your readers to discuss certain topics with others.
  3. Invite readers to submit their questions – if you’re dealing with a complex or a popular topic and trying to establish your authority, then a forum is the perfect place to start. Invite your readers to submit their questions via forums and you’ll provide the answer as a blog post. This gives them the reason to come back and read your blog and it also gives you ideas for blog posts that your audience wants to read.

8. Enable Reviews

Lastly, consider enabling reviews on your blog posts or products. This makes it easy for visitors to engage with your content and it also allows you to see what type of content they are interested in.

Reviews are also great for products because they build trust with first-time visitors and facilitate the buying decision.

Final Thoughts

Getting visitors to interact with your website and your content is not as difficult as it seems. An increased engagement will not only lead to more sales and lower bounce rate but it will also help you establish trust and create a sense of community around your brand. Use the tips in this article to help you increase engagement on your WordPress website.

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