Top 10 Best Divi Theme Plugins

  • By Darrel Wilson
  • Last Updated: November 16, 2019

Divi is a great WordPress theme that offers a lot of functionality and features out of the box. However, it also lacks in other basic features like WooCommerce compatibility. Luckily, there are numerous plugins made specifically for the Divi theme that solve those problems and allow you to achieve even more with Divi.

In this post, I’ve rounded up the 10 best Divi theme plugins for WordPress so you can take your Divi website to the next level.

Divi Den PRO

The first plugin on the list is Divi Den PRO. With the help of this plugin, you’ll get access to more than a thousand Divi layouts that you can use to build your website. The plugin makes it easy to find a particular layout by collection or by page so you can easily see what’s available.

On top of the usual pages like homepage or contact page, this plugin also comes with various sections that can be used across pages as well as layouts for WooCommerce product or category pages.

Each page can be imported with a single click and you can also search for header and footer layouts. The plugin is available for $12/mo for a single-site license.

Visit Divi Den

Divi Engine Plugin

The Divi Engine offers several plugins that will add a ton of useful features to your site. The developers behind Divi Engine focus on improving your website’s performance and user experience on your website.

Your Divi-powered website will benefit from the ability to defer JavaScript, lazy load images, create password protected pages, create a custom checkout experience, and more.

The most notable plugin is the Divi BodyCommerce which makes it easy to design custom checkout pages, create product category pages, custom account and login pages, and so much more. Pricing for this plugin starts at £24 for a single-site license.

Visit Divi Engine


Divi Mega Menu

The Divi Mega Menu is an excellent plugin for creating custom mega menus. The plugin offers the ability to create any type of mega menu and customize it using built-in Divi tools.

This plugin allows you to add login forms, shopping carts, tabs/toggles, sliders, call-to-actions, and more to your mega menus.

On top of that, you can easily create mega tooltips and add them anywhere on your site to provide your website visitors with more context or a helpful tip.

The plugin can be purchased for $15/year for a single-site license and gives you access to a year of support and updates.

Try Divi Menu Menu

Divi OverLays

The Divi Overlays plugin is another plugin by Divi Life that makes it easy to make your Divi website even more visually appealing. Thanks to this plugin, you can easily create beautiful full screen overlays, popups, or modals using the Divi Builder.

In other words, you can add any type of content to an overlay and then trigger it with a link, a button or an image. The best part about it is that you can customize the overlays to match your brand and you don’t have to know a single line of code.

The plugin is available for $15/year for a single-site license.

Try Divi OverLays


Divi ToolBox

The Divi ToolBox makes it easy to apply sitewide changes to your site and add features that you’d normally spend hours googling how to do it yourself. For example, with the help of this plugin, you can modify your logo and header with ease, create a custom dropdown menu, add a CTA menu item, or edit hover effects.

The plugin also comes with six beautiful blog layouts so you can improve the user experience for your readers and you can also customize the single post page by adding an author box, related posts, and the previous/next post navigation.

The plugin is available for a one-time payment of $49 and grants you 6 months of support and use on one site.

Try Divi ToolBox

Divi Supreme

The Divi Supreme plugin is a collection of more than 25 extra modules for your Divi website. The plugin will add modules that make it easy to add your Facebook feed, embed a Google Map, create beautiful buttons, add typing effects, and so much more.

You can purchase the plugin for $18/year for a single-site license which grants you access to a year of support and updates.

Try Divi Supreme

Image Intense

Bring your images to life with the help of the Image Intense plugin for Divi. This plugin takes several of the built-in features in Divi such as various text, button, and image features and then adds several UI enhancements.

The end result is the ability to add various blend modes, coupon reveals on hover, change image opacity, and more. The plugin is available for a one-time payment of $25 but you can also choose a subscription option which renews every year and allows you to buy the plugin for $25/month.

Try Image Intense

Divi Header And Menu Maker

Create custom headers and menus for your Divi website thanks to this plugin. You can easily create custom menus, set mobile breakpoints to ensure your menu looks good on mobile devices, use a custom header layout, swap headers based on the device used to view your site, and more.

The plugin can be purchased for $35 which is a one-time payment. However, you can also purchase a monthly subscription to make use of the discount. Subscription plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis and start at $25/month. ( Divi does now have a theme builder but you can still create a very dynamic menu)

Try BeSuperFly

Divi Carousel

The last plugin on this list, Divi Carousel, allows you to improve the built-in carousel functionality in Divi. The plugin makes it easy to add any number of carousel slides, customize them completely to your liking, and you can also download premade carousel layouts and designs.

The plugin can be purchased for a one-time payment of $15 and grants you a year of support and updates.

Try Divi Gear

Video Walkthrough: 10 Best Divi Theme Plugins for WordPress

As promised, here’s a video walkthrough of the 10 best Divi theme plugins for WordPress where I show you more about the features that the plugins offer.

Final Thoughts

The Divi theme is a powerful and easy to use theme that makes it easy to create a beautiful website without learning how to code. However, it does lack some extra features that would make it even better. With the help of the plugins on this list, you will be able to add the missing functionality to your Divi website so be sure to give them a try.

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  1. Thank you for this wondering review.
    Got Divi Supreme and Divi Den Pro after your review.

    Fantastic modules from Divi Supreme. And it’s a brainchild of a fellow citizen in my hometown.

    Divi Den is a great collection of layouts. More exciting than the default Divi layouts.

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