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  • By darrel wilson
  • Last Updated: January 12, 2020

Wp-Engine is a web hosting company focused on managed WordPress Hosting. The speed and uptime is fantastic and the customer support is even better. If you want are looking to change your host, WP-engine is a host worthy to consider. You can get an exclusive discount through this review

Price - Starts At $25 Mo/

Speed - 682 MS (FAST)

Uptime - 100% UpTime!

Support - 24 Hour Support

User Friendly - (Simple)

Reliability - 5+ Years

Overall Rating

4.5 / 5.0
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WP-Engine Pros

  • FAST Web Hosting
  • 24 Hour Customer Support
  • 100% Uptime Over 3 months!
  • Free Migration!

WP-Engine Cons

  • Can Be Pricey
  • WP-Engine doesnt sell domains

WP Engine has been around for a while and is one of the oldest companies offering managed WordPress hosting. They have plans for every budget and are equipped to host business and enterprise websites.

WP Engine touts itself as perfected WordPress hosting but is their performance as good as they claim?

In this post, I’ll share my review of WP Engine and go over their plans and features, talk about their speed and uptime. We’ll also cover the support and pricing so you can decide if this hosting company is the right choice for you.

WP Engine

Is WP Engine Fast?

The most important question when it comes to hosting is, is WP Engine fast? The answer is yes. Given that this is a cloud hosting company, it’s to be expected and they had excellent page loading times and server response times. Let’s take a look at the plans offered by WP Engine.

WP Engine Plans

WP Engine Plans

WP Engine offers 4 different plans. Each plan includes Genesis themes, 24/7 chat support, and dev/stage/prod environments. Let’s take a look at the core features of each plan and the amount of allocated space and bandwidth.


The Starter plan allows you to host one website. This is a good option only if you plan on trying out their services to see if WP Engine is the right choice for you or if you’re just in the very beginning stages of your business.

This plan allows for 25,000 monthly visits and comes with 10GB of storage space and 50GB of bandwidth.

When you sign up for the starter plan, you’ll also get server-level caching, global CDN, and automated SSL certificates.


The Growth plan is the plan I’d recommend if you already have an established website and want to move away from shared hosting. It allows you to host 5 websites and is suitable for sites with around 100,000 monthly visitors.

This plan comes with 20GB of storage space and 200GB of monthly bandwidth.

As far as features go, this plan includes everything included in the Startup plan as well as 24/7 phone support and the ability to import third-party SSL certificates.


The Scale plan is next up and allows you to host 15 websites. This plan, as the name suggests, is suitable for businesses that are scaling their model. It allows for 400,000 monthly visitors and comes with 30GB of storage space as well as 400GB of bandwidth.

As far as the features go, this plan offers everything that’s included in the Growth plan. If you need more space than what the Growth plan provides, this plan is the obvious choice.


The last plan is custom-tailored to your needs. This plan is recommended for large businesses. It allows for millions of website visitors and comes with 400GB+ of monthly bandwidth.

You can choose between 100GB and up to 1TB of storage space. Aside from that, this plan has a few extra features such as the ability to host a multisite WordPress installation, launch readiness assessment, geo-targeting, and consultative onboarding.

It’s worth mentioning that like many cloud hosting providers, WP Engine doesn’t offer domain registrations or email hosting. Another thing to keep in mind with WP Engine is the fact that they don’t allow some plugins to be installed on sites that are hosted with them. This includes caching plugins as WP Engine provides this on a server level. It also includes other plugins from various categories such as backup and email plugins and more. They have a full list of disallowed plugins in their support center.

They also offer various hosting addons which include the ability to host additional websites on top of the allowed amount, smart plugin manager, security features, and 24/7 ticket support.


Page Speed WP Engine

Having a fast loading site is a must for any type of business and especially for eCommerce websites. The faster your site loads, the better the chances of visitors making a purchase instead of going to your competitor’s site. On top of that, fast loading websites rank better in search engines which means you’ll benefit from organic search instead of having to rely exclusively on paid traffic from ads.

When it comes to speed, WP Engine did well on this year’s hosting test. Their average server response time 0.7 seconds. Page loading time averaged around 0.6 seconds. Their servers do show some inconsistency, however, the results are still within normal ranges so you can expect your website to load pretty fast.


No matter what kind of website you have, downtime is one of the worst things that can happen. Downtime ruins your brand image, not to mention it’s costing you sales.

You won’t have to worry about downtime problems with WP Engine. During the test, WP Engine had a 100% uptime which is one of the best results you can expect from a hosting company.


As mentioned earlier, WP Engine offers live chat and phone support. On top of that, they have a thorough knowledge base with dozens of articles on managing and setting up your site. You will also find a plethora of resources to help you grow your business.


Now that we’ve covered the main features of WP Engine’s hosting plans, let’s take a look at their pricing.

  • Startup plan is available for $35/month or $29.17/month when paid annually
  • Growth plan is available for $115/month or $95.83/month when paid annually
  • Scale plan is available for $290/month or $241.67/month when paid annually

To get the pricing for the Custom plan, you’ll have to contact their sales representative and ask for a custom quote.

WP Engine offers a few extra addons that are available for an additional fee. The prices for the addons start at $10/month for the Smart Plugin Manager, GeoTarget for $15/month, Global Edge Security for $30/month, and WordPress Multisite installs for $20/month. The prices for the addons go up with Growth, Scale, and Custom plans.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, WP Engine did surprisingly well during my hosting test when compared to last year results. With 0.6 second page loading time and a 100% uptime, WP Engine is definitely a company I’d recommend if you want to move your site over to managed WordPress hosting.

Their plans can accommodate both small and large websites and offer interesting features such as site staging, automated SSL certificates, and more.

The only downside of WP Engine is that they are on the pricey side which is to be expected with cloud hosting. Regardless, WP Engine is definitely a solid choice for your WordPress site.

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